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Color Consultation 

Choosing the right color is so important and sometimes having someone to help you with your selection is worth the extra time and money

Screen Porch 

Painting & Staining

This is another important area of your home to keep the wood well taken care of.  The best way to do that is to regularly treat the wood with the proper paint or stain. 

Wallpaper Removal

Although this is one of those projects that a homeowner will try to tackle on their one, there is an art to removing wallpaper without damaging the walls. 

Window &

Trim Painting 

Similar to updating cabinets, many people are able to refresh and update room, but repainting their woodwork.  This also adds value and beauty to a room. 

Deck Staining & Painting 

Decks and patios should be cared for regularly so help with the longevity of the wood.  We recommended the best products and preparation process to obtain that. 

Small Drywall Repair

Although we are not a drywall contractor, we are able to help with minor drywall repairs.  This is a nice benefit so you don't have to hire 2 different contractors for a smaller repair project. 


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